Guide to Booking Holidays Online

travel imageThese days, when you want to travel and you have no time to arrange your travel details, all you have to do is to look for online travel agents. Wherever you want to go, these people will make things a lot easier for you.

All you need to do is to say where you want to go, when you want to go and how much your budget limit is. The online agent will then arrange everything for you. You just have to keep the payment receipts and be there during the actual date.

This helps you a lot in saving time and money. Just before you seal the deal with a particular online travel agent, here are some things that you need to remember: [Read more...]

Build Your Biz on the Internet for Less than $100

Top Ways to Promote your Business Online for Less Than $100

The Internet is the new medium to promote a business, regardless if the business is run online or off. It tells you many things on how you can use it to be known to your potential customers, but to truly establish online presence, you have to spend a significant amount for services you know nothing about, and only “techie” persons do.

However, there are  still many ways you can do to promote your business for less than a hundred dollar budget. The top three are as follows: [Read more...]

The Top 6 presents for your Dad 2014 :: Tech Guide

Fathers day is upon us yet again, so we have looked at the market, done our “Google Searches” and have finalized the TOP 6 presents for your Dad for the year 2014. It was a hard and arduous process… but we did it! So sit back… get a packet of popcorn… and enjoy the ride.

Coming in at Number one is the iPad from Apple. The new version iPad mini boasts a singular retina screen, apps, comes at a FEATHER LIGHT 300g and has all the apps you can handle. PRO’s are that your Dad will love you! Extremely good for reading his odd kindle books. The CONS is that its 600USD! I dont know about you but I reserve by big guns for my dads birthday, so a whopping six hundred is a bit of green that I don’t have! That said… if you have the cash… this is a winner!

Next up in your gift ideas for dads is the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner. Yes this robotic machine which sucks up dirt has been on the market for sometime, and its only now that it’s a well known name. Use this little critter to suck up any of your dads cookie crumbs from his late night snack attacks. PROS: It vacuums and cleans! What else do you want? The CONS. We’ve had report that the current batch of Roomba’s are a little faulty and that we should wait for the next years model. I know that I’ll be getting myself the new improved one very soon!

I actually got this as a cool birthday gifts for my dad last year 2013 and it was a hit. The problem is that it needs expansions. Yes it’s the iRobot Builder Kit. This kit very much like the Lego variant allows your dad to build a robot from scratch. Priced at an affordable $150 dollars, it is fun for the whole technology family. PROS: Interesting design, and Japanese made. CONS: The instructions are in Japanese so its a bit hard to get started if you are not Japanese.

Symtex Laser Pen. It’s a pen! No it’s a laser… no it’s both! Perfect for presentations on the go, this little guy also changes slides on PowerPoint’s. At a affordable $80 it wont break the bang. PRO: Affordable and useful! CON: Not the high powered laser type that was banned for interrupting air traffic.

Sir Jason Broth replica compass. For those that do not know, Sir Jason Broth was the third man to circumnavigate the world, and in doing so, was the first person to make trade agreements with the Chinese. What is important about this was that he was the first American to import Gun Powder! A little bit of trivia you didn’t know! PRO: Nice Captain Jack stuff that your Dad will like. CON: Nobody seems to know about Sir Jason Broth.

And the number 1 gift that the office is the… drum roll please. iPhone 5. Yes a cliche gift, but it cannot be denied that it’s awesome.

And that’s it! Hope you all have a great Fathers day for 2014.

Get the Answers You Want- Digitally

They tell us on every news broadcast that mentions technology that technology is the future. That massive leaps and bounds have been made. That the answer to access to resources is now all around us. Yet what do we see daily? Selfies. Tweets from strangers who just have to tell us how they hope their first daughter is a girl. And videos of cats.

Granted, all of those statements are true. The internet in particular, but also the massive leaps and bounds in other technologies, has opened up whole new vistas. Granted, we put a man on the moon with less RAM and less computer power then the average modern pocket calculator, but it sure would be a lot easier to do it with today’s tech. Tablets open up vast potential for taking 1000s of books in one slim package- certainly one of the easiest ways to give those in less privileged areas access to unprecedented amounts of reading and information. The ability of the new smart phones to access the net combines several of this centaury’s most useful technologies- the same tablet/e-reader capabilities, the net connection, the access to information, the ability to communicate- and wrap it up in a single package, making them all more readily accessible to more and more people.

But it’s hard, when you’re bombarded with chain emails, pretentious teens thinking their poser-selfies are somehow awesomely unique, and relentless FaceBook advertising, to know even how to wade through this rubbish to get to the things you need.

My tip for today is to take full advantage of the guides, resource hubs and how tos that have been put together out there. If nothing else, they’ll give you the best places to start looking for your answers. Now, you do have to exercise some common sense. Because that guy who’s confused at the idea that every girl is a daughter- he thinks he’s an expert in whatever it is you want to know too. So it helps if you know a little about the subject yourself, enough to evaluate whether what you’re reading rings too. Offering accreditation and sources is a good thing to watch for, too- if they’re backing up what they’re saying with verifiable fact, you’re probably onto a winner.

I’m going to give you these 2 sites as positive examples. The first [click here] asks the question ‘what does liposuction cost’. The other tries to answer the question ‘How much do breast implants cost’ [click here]. So they’re both setting themselves up as resource hubs. And they both win. With a clear format, and precise and easy to navigate layout, the information you’ve been looking for is right at your fingertips. They both offer complete information for the whole processes, and offer both sources and advice on when you need to get off the net and ask a doctor in person. They even give you a good idea of the costing you’re looking at for each procedure.

The information that the net claims to be full of is out there, on quality sites- they just take a little finding.

3D Gun Printing – a New Gunsmithing Technique?

There was a time when 3D printers were employed for purposes such as fabricating entire houses to synthetic organs and prosthetics. This potential of 3D printers to fabricate everyday items has recently aroused the curiosity of aspiring as well as professional gun enthusiasts. 3D gunsmithing, in spite of being an extremely polarizing topic with its passionate proponents and opponents, is an undeniably novel and inspiring technique that seeks to create guns using computerized designs and 3D printers.

A gun enthusiast recently printed out a 3D model of a firearm and tested it to confirm its functionality and reliability. This was done using a 3D printer by the company Stratasys and it wasn’t even a new one either – it dated back to the mid-90s. The result was a 22 caliber pistol that worked marvelously – the designer made the claim of having fired more than two hundred rounds from it and even after this considerable use, the gun was in prime working condition. The weapon resembled a machine pistol in design. The designer, after this fruitful field testing, decided to augment the weapon with one .223 upper which again yielded successful results. The upper did have a few problems with extraction and feed but these can be resolved with further refinement of the design.

Another success story with 3D gunsmithing is the development of a homemade 30-round ammo clip, using 3D printing technology, by some gun enthusiasts going by the name of Defense Distributed. This clip is meant for a semi-automatic AR rifle and was thoroughly tested to ensure its success: the group test-fired some 86 bullets without a hitch using their homemade magazine. This project was also significant in that it demonstrated a major loophole in the existing gun laws which allowed 3D ammo clips to be fabricated domestically.

One of the most advanced, and astonishing, development in 3D gunsmithing occurred when Solid Concepts, a licensed gun maker, demonstrated the first ever 3D printed .45 caliber model 1911 pistol. This mainstream model was fabricated out of metallic materials using a 3D printing technique called direct metal laser sintering which led to Solid Concepts being purchased by the 3D printing firm, Stratasys.

3D gunsmithing is legal in the US for individual, personal use but has some restrictions i.e. Title II class weapons such as silencers and machine guns, as well as Assault Weapons in some jurisdictions. Moreover, the Undetectable Firearms Act requires that weapons made out of undetectable plastics have a metallic implant fitted inside them to ensure their detectability.

To put it short, it is now possible for a gun enthusiast to print their own firearm if they wish to do so with blueprints available from several 3D printing websites. The success of 3D gun printing notwithstanding, it is only recommended that those who have been schooled in the art of crafting guns take up this art as plastic can be a tricky material when it comes to guns. Before you start out on this path, make sure that you have learned the fundamentals of gunsmithing from a reputed gunsmithing school or by apprenticing under a gunsmith.

Using and Maintaining a Water Softener

There are all kinds of different water hard, soft, rain or cistern. Whatever your water source, having a softening system can make a great difference. Have you seen spots on your dishes when you take them out of the dishwasher? How about your washing machines performance, is it poor? Having a hard time getting the soap to lather in the shower? Or just getting a slow stream from the faucet. All these add up to you having hard water. Using and maintaining a water softener system sounds difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a couple quick tips for you.

1. Be sure to understand how a water softener works. It may look like there’s some complicated chemistry at work in these machines, and while that may be true, all of those details have already been taken care of.

2. When looking to buy a unit, be sure to read water softener reviews and get informed as to all the different options available. This is the most complicated part of buying a softener – after you buy one, it’s all downhill from there!

3. Understand how to use and maintain your system – the following descriptions should help get you on your way!

Water Softener System Use

If you have a whole house water system installed there are some basic procedures to follow. After all the plumbing has been taken care of, you will need to set your system up. This very straight forward and most different models follow the same basic procedures. The largest amount of systems work with salt. If you or someone in your house has a high blood pressure problem, you may want to think about using potassium pellets instead. They work basically the same.

The two tank system is the most widely used which consists of a salt storage tank known as the brine tank a resin tank and a main valve that is needed to distribute the softened water to the whole house. There may also be a bypass valve so you can shut the water off to the unit for maintenance and still have water in the rest of the house.

First – you will begin by filling the brine tank with water which is determined by the size of your system. Your owners manual will tell you how much to use.

Second – after you have determined if you are using salt or potassium to operate your softener look in your owners manual again for the required amount of salt. If you are using potassium never use more than one bag at a time. The water goes into the mineral tank through the valve, salt is added to it as it enters this tank.

Third – you will need to set the water softener frequency (recharge cycle) this will depend on how much water you use and how hard your water is. For a family of four the cycle is typically set for every 3 days.

Fourth – you will need to set the system clock, this will determine at what time the system will recharge. Most units are factory set for 2:00 AM. This is so that you are not disturbed by the cycle.

How To Maintain Your System

Maintaining your system is a fairly simple thing to do, unless you have very hard water. If you think this may be the case, it’s probably best to consult with a professional. You can also buy a kit to check the hardness of your water, this is a very simple test. You will be able to tell if your softener is not working as it should by some simple signs. If your soap does not lather, or your skin is just not feeling soft anymore.

First – you will engage the bypass valve so you can work on the system.It is good to exercise this valve a few times to make sure the O rings are staying lubricated inside. If there is a leak from this valve you might look in to replacing the O rings.

Second – you will be cleaning out your brine tank, use your shop vacuum to be sure you get all the salt out. You can also remove the injector screen and clean and replace it. ( wash it in soapy water)

Third – this is where you can check the brine refill control valve. It is located inside the tank, typically includes a float, vertical rod and a switch to control the water level during the generation cycle.

Fourth – once everything has been cleaned and checked you can start to refill the brine tank with the correct amount of salt and water. (found in the owners manual) Do not forget to switch your bypass valve.

Fifth – you will have to make sure the clock is set to the right time.

Finally you should send the system through a manual regeneration cycle to be sure everything is working good.

This is basically all there is to owning and operating a water softener system. If there is ever a more complex problem be sure to call a licensed installer. You will love having spotless dishes showers that are easier to clean. These steps are for the basic whole house water softener system.

Cool Antique Technologies

From iPhones to Xboxes, today’s greatest technological innovations are equal parts slick, shiny, and elegant. Housed in brushed metallic and packing some really serious technological power below the hood, the most preferred gadgets of the 2000s are design masterpieces, offering consumers not just perform and efficiency, but immense design and trend.

But engineering hasn’t generally been this way. Just a few decades back, the most prosperous and impressive pieces of engineering weren’t boasting intuitive touchscreens or flashy brushed exteriors. Black plastic was the norm, wooden panelling the typical, and analog dials the accepted method of user control and operation.

These items of retro technology and outdated innovation might not be slick and classy, but all are unique and still collected & shipped antiques. From semi-transportable VHS recorders to pre-electric power air conditioning systems, these 8 items of technological innovation wouldn’t stand an opportunity at a modern day marketplace but they still are , but every piece of technology was responsible for modifying the entire world of creation in its very own way.

1. The Stylophone
When Brian Jarvis invented the Stylophone in 1967, he in no way expected it to become a runaway cult accomplishment. Fueled by the popularity of David Bowie’s initial recordings and immensely well-liked amongst hippie new music teams, the product took off and bought out upon its release. Regrettably, its acceptance was brief-lived. The Stylophone fell out of favor in the early 1970s, residing on by means of experimental rock recordings but failing to provide as it the moment did. A 2007 revival introduced the product back into the public’s eye, though in a somewhat different format present day stylophones recreate audio digitally, instead than the original’s analog audio generation.

2. German Rocket Bicycles
Herr Richter was a real innovator. The German engineer devoted years to his rocket obsession, attempting to develop individual transporters, rocket-driven bicycles, and some genuinely explosive items of relatives transportation. Before the Second World War brought his engineering efforts to a stop, this innovator had created his most popular prototype: a rocket-powered single pace bicycle.

As extraordinary as it may possibly be, the rocket-powered bicycle was an absolute catastrophe for some unfortunate bicycle testers. Test rides – for which Richter was generally in the saddle – showed the bike to be “reasonably secure” before fifty miles per hour, and disastrously unsafe at any higher speeds. Compounding the bike’s problems had been rocket fuel troubles. Early rockets were inclined to accidental explosions, leaving riders scorched and the bicycle seriously ruined. These classic technology has shipped to museums all over the world.

3. Arizona ‘Air Conditioning’
Have you ever sat inside on a sizzling day, wondering how you’d survive without having air conditioning? For residents of Arizona, the state’s gold rush days were marked by immense heat and handful of strategies to maintain cool. Ice cream melted way too fast in the summertime heat, chilly showers were impossible because of to water shortages, and air conditioning had yet to be invented.

Residents fought the immense heat by dipping their nighttime sheets in cool water, sleeping as a result of the night in damp cotton and savoring relative convenience. The ‘wet blanket’ method also had some other great side effects, insects and other desert creatures were unlikely to just take up residence in a chilled piece of cloth, leaving residents free of bedbugs and other annoyances.

4. The Osborne 1 Laptop
The Osborne 1 was the world’s first ‘portable’ laptop – a ten-kilo beast accountable for additional back injuries and strained muscle groups than any other piece of Laptop technology. Priced at $1795 and boasting an spectacular 64KB of RAM, the system was a relative bargain in the early days of computing, and provided a business with a legitimate resource. Nonetheless, users debated the system’s portability, pointing to the 64KB specification as an indicator of pounds instead of memory. While cumbersome, ugly, and barely usable subsequent to today’s notebooks, the Osborne 1 was an innovative piece of technology for its time, and one of the most preferred early computer systems.

5. The French ‘Strap-On’ Individual Helicopter (Fail)
Had this early piece of French air technological innovation had good results, it would have gone down in history as one of the most unsafe innovations of all time. Luckily, this early single-person helicopter failed to fly, leaving the personal helicopter sector unsaturated and French accident figures at acceptable ranges.
Due to is absence of a torque bar and a secondary rotor, it is probably that a speedy flight in this single-rotor machine would have messed up your spinal cord. Early tests showed that the device was a lost hope, leaving personalized helicopters nearly entirely untested until eventually the late 20th century.

Technology Marches On

There’s one thing you can say for technology (besides the fact it’s a big pain in the unmentionables) – it doesn’t discriminate. If you’re hanging around this blog in the first place, you’ve probably experienced for yourself the way it marches on and on, conquering everything from the expected – like NASA space ships and the computing world – to the very, very mundane.

Ever felt like you can’t buy even a toaster these days without it coming with a microchip, ten yards of instructions and the capability to do 15 things you didn’t need?  Not only that, but it seems that it’s -probably inevitably – come to be almost impossible to do even the simple things without the help of some technological wonder.

You’ll probably remember the days when, if your current mower packed in, you went to the store, picked the best reel mower, maybe heeding a review or two from the store manager or people you knew, and voila! Your next gardening tool decision was made. It wasn’t perfect- maybe you didn’t get the right review- but it seemed to work. Not only has the market expanded dramatically to all sorts of specialist mowers – just look at these electric lawn mower reviews if you doubt me – but so has the access to information. Just take a look at the two sites linked. In depth reviews of all sorts of mower right at your fingertips. No longer are you forced to rely on the sales pitch of a sales assistant who’s probably on commission from a specific brand. You can get honest, independent reviews from people familiar with the brand at the click of a button. Not sure how to assemble your purchase? Click. Need to find out how to order a special spare part? Click.

It’s hard not to call it wonderful. Technological advances have made that degree of networking, that degree of access to information, freely available to almost everyone. That’s got to be a good thing, when you get down to it. The spreading of access to knowledge is one of the true wonders of the digital age, after all. But it’s not perfect.

Wondering what sparked this post? Click here for a rather interesting scholarly abstract that piqued my attention. As you know we’re rather focused on technology on this blog and we do tend to presume that the intrusion of technology into our daily lives is wonderful and always positive. So it’s more than interesting to see a question like that which the author poses – is technology moral? Is every type of technology used in a positive way to better ourselves, our lives and our species, or are there ways in which it can be viewed as a negative?

We don’t have the space, obviously, for an in-depth and complex analysis of that question here. In short, I’d say that overall, technology's got it right- but some of the points the article raises make you think. And it’s probably a good idea, as you reach for your instant coffeemaker/alarm clock and check your messages on your smart phone, to remember to occasionally take that step back and think about what we’re doing and how we use it too. After all, we the users are only human.

Is Online Banking Safe?

It wasn’t too long ago that most banking was done at the branch location, but nowadays nearly everyone pays their bills online using their own personal computers and other handheld devices.

This feature has changed the way people bank entirely, and although it is quick, efficient, and reliable, many people wonder if it really is safe to bank online.

How Safe Is Online Banking?
For the most part online banking is safe; however, Citibank reported that over 350,000 bank accounts were compromised in the year 2013 with losses reaching 2.7 million dollars.

Also, in the UK in 2013, Barclays Bank announced that hackers stole £1.3 million from peoples bank accounts.

Although it may be unsettling to hear, many websites are likely hit by attacks each day. As a result of these attacks, banks are continually updating and improving their online security systems to deal with the issue effectively.

What About Applying For Services Like Insurance or Loans?
If you’re already concerned with sharing your personal information online, then you might prefer to apply for in person at a local branch.

Online banking in the UK is the accepted method of banking by most people especially when it comes to applying for loans, as was discovered after reading this article.

Types of Online Attacks:
There are four basic types of online attacks to be aware of that include the following:

This involves people clicking on fake links that deliver Internet users that appears like a real banking site and will generally have an area or form where you include the details of your account and other personal information.

With all of your personal information in hand, thieves are able to steal your hard-earned money.

Identity theft:
Identity thieves will try to steal your personal information such as social security numbers and other details and use them to create accounts to transfer money on and out.

Pharming is rarer and more difficult for hackers to perform and occurs when computer hackers take control of a bank’s URL SO when users try to access their bank, they are redirected to a fake site that appears real.

Keylogging utilizes specialized software that records keystrokes to steal your account records. This happens on public networks in places like Internet Café’s and public Wi-Fi areas.

What to do for Protection:
There are several things you should do in order to protect your person information from thieves that include the following:

Confirm that your bank is real and legitimate.

Learn how your bank uses encryption to protect your personal information. Upon accessing the bank’s home page, there should be a small lock or other icon showing that all transactions are secure.

Stay Alert:
Don’t get lazy when it comes to protecting your bank account and other private information; the “remember your computer” option could possibly allow hackers to spoof your IP address in order to make the bank believe that the hacker’s computer is yours.

Do not enable the “remember your computer” option on your bank’s website. Selecting this option allows you to bypass several security measures when the bank recognizes your personal IP address.

You will have to type in your password each time, but it is much more secure this way.

Copycat Websites:
Be careful of incoming emails that claim to be from your bank – And do not click on any links. Instead, use your browser to log into your bank.

If you have any messages from the bank, they will be in your account information.

Do not send private information such as your social security number through email; your bank will never request personal information via email.

A Guide to Better Home Security (With Advice From a Police Cadet)

Home security technology is something that really takes advantage of new technology and new equipment, software and techniques are continually being released year after year. From the early days when all it took was cutting a phone line to disable a system to today where we can arm our system, lock our doors or even check our video cameras on our smart phones there are a lot of cool improvements to talk about.

A friend of mine has a daughter who has recently entered her training at the Police Academy to realize her dream of becoming a police officer. I got a chance to speak to her recently and she told me a bit about what goes into the police training and gave me some up to date information about what kinds of things the police actually look for, use and recommend when it comes to a good home alarm system.

Mobile Security For Your Home

The first interesting thing from the police perspective was that while a monitored security system (one that sends an alarm to a company who will alert the police) it is more important to have a few layers of security, of which the alarm system is one.

The first layer is a physical one, to prevent entry to your house in the first place. This is accomplished by making sure that you have solid wood or metal doors and anti smash windows on the first floor. In addition to the solid doors, make sure that there aren’t windows near the door that can be smashed to gain entrance and that you have a solid deadbolt that is properly installed.

This is where our first cool piece of tech makes an appearance with electronic deadbolts. These neat little code activated locks have been around for a while and aren’t too uncommon but there is some new integration that has made them even more useful. More and more alarm companies now use mobile apps, such as, which allow for total control of your house from afar. In this case you’ll be able to check whether your doors are locked or not from anywhere via your mobile device, and lock or unlock them with the push of a button, great for letting in a cleaning crew or dog walker, or just checking whether or not you remembered to lock up before you left. Additionally, things like having outdoor lights and keeping hedges and bushes near your house short and trimmed so potential burglars can’t hide in them were on the list.

Cyber Defense for Your Address

The next layer of defense that law enforcement agencies recommend is a professionally monitored alarm system. Monitored means that the system is connected to a professional monitoring station which will receive any triggers from your system and be able to alert the authorities. Possible triggers for your alarm? Door/Window sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors which can cover an entire room and are triggered by the sound of breaking glass. Fire and other emergency monitoring is handled as well and the proper authorities are alerted based on the alarm type. All parts of the alarm system are now more high tech, with touch pad panels replacing older models and even secondary mobile tablet style touch pads.

Also, alarms can no longer be defeated by simply cutting the phone wire on the outside of the house. New crash and smash protection sends off an alert to the monitoring station if the signal is lost and with new cellular technology many alarm systems totally eliminate the wires all together, all but guaranteeing that they will stay active no matter what.

Our cadet let us know that even though this is the fastest way to alert the police to an issue, it still isn’t perfect. Many police departments are busy and though response times by monitoring companies are very fast, it may take the officers a while to arrive on the scene. This is where the third layer of defense comes in.

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

If you have valuables, keep them hidden, and not in easy to find places. Many home burglaries happen in the same way according to our police source; a burglar enters through a first floor door or window that isn’t properly secured, make their way to the master bedroom and turn out the dresser drawers, nightstands and closets looking for valuables they can take quickly and then they are quickly out. If you secure your valuables in a hard to search spot it is very likely they will be overlooked by thieves doing a quick sweep.

You can stop them before they’ve had a chance to get in by following our first tip to secure your home from the outside and placing a sticker in the window letting them know your home is alarmed is shown to reduce break ins from 1 in 3 houses to as much as 1 in 250. Next, the loud alarm going off will let thieves know that someone knows they are there and they should get out, which may be enough for them to leave as soon as they’ve heard it. If you have video surveillance cameras installed as well, an alarm going off will let them record any activities, giving much needed evidence to the police to chase down the crooks.

Home security systems are continuing to evolve and provide many new services and improved protection for your home and family. I’m excited to see what new ideas are coming down the line.

Must Have Android Apps For Seniors

In today’s busy world, to workout things on your own and make you independent, smartphone apps prove to be of great help in many situations. There are a lot of useful apps available in various categories ranging from games to education out there for the senior Android users also. To make things easier, a few apps are listed below, which are truly helpful in an era where Android devices are turning out to be the important part of our lives.

iTriage Health

We often come across a situation where we need to wait for a long time to see the doctor and then answer the common questions like “What I might have?” to figure out the problem. ITriage is an excellent solution to these kinds of problems. It helps patients to identify the symptoms, potential causes and recommends the suitable physician in a nearby vicinity. This Android app helps you to navigate to the physician and fix an appointment as well. You can store your medical history to help the new physician understand the case in a faster way. A very handy and a must have Android app for each and every individual.

Your Magnifier

Magnifiers have always been of utmost importance in the life of those people who are suffering from short sightedness. Now with the help of the Your Magnifier Android app, you can zoom into text or anything else without compromising the quality. The zoom quality is so good that it can also be used as a microscope. The zoom level can also be adjusted as per the requirement. For a brighter image, you can also turn on the Flash of your Android device. It comes with a lot of options to enable good quality of the magnified output.Finally you do not have to carry your magnifying glass with you wherever you go.


Skype has been a favourite, when it comes to staying connected with your friends and families through Video Chat. Now, with the help of Android app for Skype, you can keep in touch even on-the-go. You can now send and receive instant messages or enjoy face to face crystal clear video and voice calls from your Android device. You can also share photos and videos of any size with your Skype Android app. At a minimal cost, you can also make calls and send text messages to mobiles or landline if your counterpart is offline.No matter where you are, you can always stay in touch with your family using the Skype Android app.
Link to APK file download:

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle is a favourite game which is played by people from all age groups. It keeps you involved and moreover it keeps your mind active. The Android app for Jigsaw Puzzle comes with interesting features. The most important feature is that pieces will never go missing as the game is digitized. It guarantees unlimited fun and proves to be a good pastime, with 4 game modes and up to 1024 pieces depending on the screen resolution. With the Pro version, you can also add images of your own and start playing.You can play this outstanding game from anywhere using your Android device.


Worried about your finances! Not anymore. Mint brings you a platform where you can put all your financial accounts details at one place. The transactions are automatically categorized and displayed which helps you to easily track your expenses. You can create a budget to control spendings. You can now do all of this at your fingertips using the Mint Android App. Once you download the Mint Android app, just sign up for free, enter financial account details and you are ready to start. The details on the website and on the Android device are always in sync, so if you make any updates on the website, same will be updated on your Android app. This Android app keeps your details safe and secure. Even if you lose your device, you can simply log on to the website and disable device access.

All of these handy apps are free of charge and you can easily install them by visiting Google Play. In case you don’t have Google Play account you can install them by finding an adequate APK installation file online. There are a lot of sites which provide free APK files downloads, and one which i vouch for is Visit the site, search for your desired Android application and follow installation instructions to have the app installed on your smartphone in just few minutes.

At the end, i would really like to hear from you what is your favourite Android application which you can recommend as useful and which you use on daily basis? I am sure we can make our lifes easier by sharing good apps here.

Quick Tips To Use Online Booking Sites For A Fishing Kayaking Trip For Seniors

As a senior citizen you have a lot of saving opportunities that it might be a good idea to spend some of it a trip of some kind. A very good and popular option is a fishing kayaking trip. The only problem you are likely to encounter when doing this is finding that you need to do the booking online, which is something that many tour operators and service providers use in order to make the process more streamlined. However, most senior citizens might find some of these online booking facilities to be a bit too technical to use. However, the fact is that with a bit of adaptation, you can use them with ease and without having to make any mistakes at all. To do your booking correctly, you will need to follow these steps:

Find the relevant site you can use to do the booking

This is the first step to booking a kayaking trip online. You can use a search engine to search for terms such as kayak fishing in Ireland, with Ireland representing the location in which you want to book your kayaking trip. You will be presented with a list of sites that offer all the information you need. You can perform the same search when deciding on the best fishing kayak to get as you would need to make sure you get the right one for your age.

Go through the various options offered

Once you have selected the ideal site, you will then need to go through it to find the relevant booking details. Most sites these days are designed in a very clear manner, so you should be able to see a link with text such as “click here to book your trip”. In other cases, the site will provide a page with a number of offers available, and you can then pick the one that seems to meet all your needs. For instance, if you are interested in having the fishing kayaking trip being a package that includes other activities, you would need to identify the packages offered by the provider you are using and then pick the one that you need.

Go over the details of the trip before booking

Once you are sure that you are interested in that particular deal, you should then go through the terms and conditions of the trip as well as any other details that are important. Most sites will have a very in depth description of the trip, describing issues such as how you need to prepare for the trip, what to expect and the timelines that will be involved.

Make the necessary payments

Once you are satisfied with all the above, you can then make the necessary payments. There are various schemes that can be used for this, depending on the type of service provider you work with. For instance, some will require you to make a deposit and then pay the rest later, while others will require that you pay the whole sum in advance. The most poplar methods of payment that can be used for this are credit cards and PayPal (similar to when you shop for funeral insurance online), while some institutions will also accept direct bank transfers.

Note: You should only use these forms of payment if you are sure about the credibility of the service provider.

Mobile Technology has Helped the Online Loan Industry Growth

For the past 5 years there have been several discoveries that have led to great improvement in all sectors that make up an economy.

Technology and online loan industry is one of the industries that is drastically growing day to day. Also known as Cash in Advance, with just the help of your computer or mobile phone you can easily access online loans wherever an emergence arises hence the time at which someone can reach the bank is reduced. Applying to an online credit does not really require a guarantor, as a loan will be processed just in a one working day.

The technology has greatly improved and you can get access to many online institutions and request loans from 500USD to 200USD in just a working day and the loan is processed immediately. This type of loan is extremely popular in Central America and Spain, as it helps small business owners to cover some unexpected bills from their daily activities. From the biggest payday loan Spanish website in Spain, you can read the major differences between the different types of online loans in the guide “Difference between Online Loans and Payday Loans” (Translated from: Diferencia entre Préstamos Online y Créditos Rápidos).

Technology and the payday loan industry has definitely helped a lot in creating a huge solution for this gigantic demand, therefore its drastically growth. In 2012 it was estimated that this was a $2.01 billion industry and it is forecasted that it will keep growing for at least 10 more years. This has happened because it is merging with the mobile industry and it has proved that with the easy access to Internet customers feel more secured when an emergency emerges and cash is needed immediately. The world is a high-tech society and has many people from all income categories are able to buy and maintain gadgets that can connect them hence making the online loan industry a success. This statement plus having access to technology make it even easier for the loaning industries to penetrate to the far regions.

As an example, a loan company can be in Europe and lend to an individual or a society in the Middle East. For students that study abroad, this type of monetary help can definitely helps a lot when there is no one around to support you financially. There are many advantages that are accrued with online credits, the loans can solve the emergence when it happens without committing your assets, and this will safeguard your investment because some cannot be changed to cash easily.

The loan industry acts as a main tool for the growth of the world economy. For instance an entrepreneur can buy an extra stock when prices reduce through simply contacting a loan bank and he will get the amount to increase his assets by less than 12 hours. This can represent a huge advantage to the investor, as we know that some opportunities only come once in a life, and in the next second are gone forever.

These are some of the great benefits of application of technology in loan industry. If you would like to discuss more about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment.

Phlebotomist Robots To Help Extract Blood Easier

Blood work is a very integral part of any health care set up. The needs behind blood collection vary greatly, as blood is used for a wide range of purposes such as diagnosis, transfusion, donation, treatment or research.

That said, phlebotomists find themselves in various medical and health-care related venues ranging from hospitals, blood banks, diagnostics laboratories, operating rooms and surgery, research facilities and many other categories of medical work.

Taking blood is tricky business, requiring precision and skill. Still, even the most skilled phlebotomist may require more than one try to find a vein. In fact, around twenty to twenty-five percent of all practitioners miss on the first try, resulting to around two million needle stick injuries each year. The problem goes beyond that, because sometimes, technicians can miss veins and hit arteries or nerves instead. This event can cause pain and potential damage, depending on the area that was hit.

Also, needle injuries are not only limited to patients. Technicians or phlebotomists also have their fair share of accidental pricking, resulting to injuries and exposure to blood borne illnesses. Aside from that, human error can also occur, especially in labeling of patient samples. Mislabeling causes over 100,000 adverse events costing millions of dollars each year.

The demand for skilled phlebotomists continues to grow, but because of these growing concerns, scientific innovations have also been developed to hasten and improve the process of drawing blood safer and swifter. Today, we see two such innovations – one to help phlebotomists see and prepare for extraction better, the second to take on the role of the technician. These are the innovative assistive eyewear from O2Amp and a robotic phlebotomy arm from VeeBot.

O2Amp Glasses for Better Vision

O2amp Glasses are three patented sets of eyewear developed by 2AI Labs that are designed to amplify the fluctuations of oxygen levels in the blood, just underneath the skin. Research shows that primates actually have the ability to perceive fluctuations of oxygen in blood haemoglobin, which allows us to see and understand “social signals,” revealing information about emotional states like anger or embarrassment.

2AI Labs has created three different glasses for various medical purposes. The first pair, dubbed as Oxy-Iso enhances the appearance of blood oxygenation under the skin. The second glass, known as Hemo-Iso enhances the appearance of blood concentration under the skin. The third pair, called Oxy-Amp amplifies the perception of emotion and health signals in the skin while still maintaining full perception of the world. Among these three glasses, The Oxy-Iso pair is best recommended for the purpose of phlebotomy.

Given the fact that the average phlebotomist has a 25% possible miss during his or her first try, this pair of glasses is definitely helpful as it improves the whole experience by reducing the episodes of missed veins, lessening patient discomfort and helping raise patient satisfaction scores in hospitals and health care settings all over.

The VeeBot – Your Robot Phlebotomist

One up and coming development making waves in the medical technology field is a robotic device designed and created by VeeBot, a start-up group from Mountain View, California. Its eponymous machine combines the latest in imaging and robotics technology to automate and speed up the process of inserting IVs and drawing blood.

Aside from the robotic arm, the machine comes with an accompanying chair, which is fitted with an arm cuff that easily secures the patients hand during the procedure. The fitted cuff holds the arm in place and restricts blood flow as it scans the area using ultrasound and infrared to search for veins. Once the right vein is selected, the machine then aligns and inserts the needle and extracts blood.

The process lasts for only a minute or two, with the phlebotomist only intervening to attach the blood test tube and to look over the process just in case the patient loses consciousness.

The machine currently has an 83% accuracy rate, which the creators are looking forward to raise to 90% before they start with clinical trials. Even then, the 83% accuracy rate is higher than the average accuracy rate of human phlebotomist.

Even then, the problem lies with needle phobia or trypanophobia, which one out of ten Americans have. The idea of getting pricked with a needle may be terrifying already, how much more if a robotic arm is doing it?

What do you think of these new innovations? Are you comfortable with a specialist wearing special glasses as he or she draws your blood? Would you let a robotic machine insert a needle through your arm and draw blood?

What Requirements Would GTA 5 Have On a PC?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a marvel in the technology world. It’s a video game that has taken the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 worlds by storm. But what about the computer gaming world?

Computer gaming has been making a comeback in recent years thanks to the development of the indie game industry and the Steam service. However, Rockstar North hasn’t announced a definite time for when GTA 5 will be on the PC.

Sure, people can find GTA 5 cheats on the PC right now if they google sites such as These cheats are for the console versions though. So when will a PC version of the game come along?

Either way, the system requirements for this game will more than likely be very strong. It is estimated that a person would have to get a top-of-the-line computer model in order to make this work well.

How Big Of a Processor?

Considering how high-definition images are the norm these days, a computer will have to be powerful to run GTA 5. A duo-core 2.66 GHz processor will probably be required at the least. A faster unit with more cores and a better overall speed will be best.

The Graphics Matter

A graphics card that can handle at least 2 GB of data at a time can work well. It should have DirectX 11 support as well. This is an expected standard to be used.

Don’t Forget Memory

The memory that would be required when getting GTA 5 running will be significant as well. A user might have to stick with at least 4 GB of RAM to make the game work. Of course, anything that has 8 GB or RAM or greater will work better simply because the risk of running out of memory while playing the game will decline.

Hard Disk Space Is Needed

As a game that is extremely immerse and detailed, it is no surprise that a massive hard drive will be required. At least 20 GD of hard drive space will probably be required. In addition, extra space should be used to store saved games and any downloadable content that Rockstar North might release in the future. Considering how intense some studios are with games like this, it will not be a surprise if such content comes out in the future.

If you want to play GTA 5 on your computer then you might have to wait a while as no official release date for a PC version is out. But if GTA 4, Vice City and San Andreas can all come out on the PC then GTA 5 will probably do the same. When that happens, you will probably need to get a computer that can actually hold and use the game as the requirements for playing the game might be very strong when all is said and done. These requirements will be sizable but they will work well if you have a computer that can take in the game with ease. It’s always important to see this when finding a good game for anyone to play for any particular purpose.